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    This community will always strive to provide a fun and safe environment for people of all ages. If you see someone breaking rules or just ruining the fun for everyone, make sure to report them to a staff member immediately. Here is a list of the rules that must be followed while using the forums. As of now, punishments will be at the discretion of the staff member on at the time (this will change in the near future). Repeat offenses are met with harsher punishments. If you feel that you have been wrongly punished or banned, make sure to appeal your ban here. If you would like to help us enforce these rules, apply for a staff position here. Thank you!

    Rule #1: No spamming / gravedigging / innapropriate content
    Rule #2: Treat others with respect, do not troll or harass other members.
    Rule #3: No ban evading / multiple accounts
    Rule #4: No advertising
    Rule #5: No abusing ratings
    Rule #6: Signatures may not flash excessive colors or be taller than 500px

    Note: These rules also apply to any of our servers in game, where applicable. Failure to read or understand these rules will be nobody's fault but your own.
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