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    This thread will be updated with information relating to building the minigame arenas. Here is a list of the current minigame plugins I am running.

    PVP Arena - > spigot link
    This is probably going to be the most used arena. Because of this, we are going to need at least 3 different sized arenas. Small for duels for 1-4 players, Medium for 4-16, and then Large for 16+ player battles.

    Survival games - > spigot link
    Pretty much hungergames. Need to have a large natural looking enviornment, is going to be VERY big probably going to require a large amount of teamwork. I think having 2-3 of these, one with a foresty vibe and another with a desert vibe and maybe another with a snow biome. Really depends on how much work it takes for these.

    Village Defense -> Spigot Link
    This one will have players protecting villagers from dangerous mobs. Just need some fun looking villages for this one!

    The Thing -> Spigot Link
    This one is pretty interesting but doesnt need anything special, just some interesting looking areas with abunch of rooms. Think more of like inside buildings or inside towers or something.

    Deathrun -> Spigot Link
    This is similar to a spleef minigame except players dont break the blocks themselves, everytime a block is stepped on it disappears. Last player surviving wins.

    Noteblock Blitz -> Spigot Link
    Players run around and jump into blocks like mario to gain points, players can randomly get power ups to knock eachother around or steal points. Person with the most points wins

    Murder Mystery -> Spigot Link
    kinda like trouble in terrorist town

    Tournament -> Spigot Link
    bracket style 1v1 tournaments

    One in the chamber -> Spigot Link

    Ghost hunter -> Spigot Link

    I will get this plugin on monday for our mob arenas. The best part about it is that it supports mythicmobs so I will be able to implement some crazy boss bottles. I'm pretty excited to get it and start working with it.
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